(Hotelbikebell) by Anton Frima and Lukas van de Vrande

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Check out our new virtual store at Stad.nl via this logo: hotelfietsbel Stadhuis


And its history in Dutch…

…or English!


14 Responses to Home

  1. Adam Fields says:

    The bell that every good London cyclist shouldn’t leave home without.

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  8. What a nice thing! Now I just need to get a bicycle that fits the bell, so it looks as beautiful as it sounds! And thanks for the entertaining video!

  9. bicycle says:

    Great Post …. .. I like it very good blog and post ….

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  11. Paul Gverden says:

    Any chances you will produce a much smaller one? I love this, but it’s waay too big, unfortunately :/

  12. David Andries says:

    I purchased a silver Hotelfietsbel at Hutspot at Van Woustraat 4, a week ago. I live in Oak Park, Illinois; 9 miles west of Chicago. The Hotelfietsbel is cool , but it is not as loud as I expected. Can I remove the spring ? It seems to have a lot of tension… resistance.
    Amsterdam is not only a very… relaxed and cool spot, the locals are very friendly to non Dutch speaking visitors.
    Dave Andries

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for your message, sorry the bell is not exactly what you expected.
      You could remove the spring for a louder sounds, however it has been installed in order to avoid the bell going off unwanted (when driving over a small bump or curb for example).
      Perhaps give it a try for some weeks, it will make the spring slightly softer and potentially the bell a little louder.
      Hope that helps!
      Our greetings,
      Anton and Lukas

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