(Hotelbikebell) by Anton Frima

drie kleuren sold out bronze v2


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 Check this movie!

 A new type of bicycle bell taking over the streets of Amsterdam!

The commonly known “servicebell” now on your bike as an impressive and innovatie gadget! (or as very original gift of course…). Started in Amsterdam, the Hotelfietsbel has now reached the far corners of the world, such as Canada, Chile and New Zealand. The bells are constructed manually, making each one solid, unique and especially for you!

Order here or join us on Twitter & Facebook or via info@hotelfietsbel.nl


14 Responses to Home

  1. Adam Fields says:

    The bell that every good London cyclist shouldn’t leave home without.

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  8. What a nice thing! Now I just need to get a bicycle that fits the bell, so it looks as beautiful as it sounds! And thanks for the entertaining video!

  9. bicycle says:

    Great Post …. .. I like it very good blog and post ….

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  11. Paul Gverden says:

    Any chances you will produce a much smaller one? I love this, but it’s waay too big, unfortunately :/

  12. David Andries says:

    I purchased a silver Hotelfietsbel at Hutspot at Van Woustraat 4, a week ago. I live in Oak Park, Illinois; 9 miles west of Chicago. The Hotelfietsbel is cool , but it is not as loud as I expected. Can I remove the spring ? It seems to have a lot of tension… resistance.
    Amsterdam is not only a very… relaxed and cool spot, the locals are very friendly to non Dutch speaking visitors.
    Dave Andries

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for your message, sorry the bell is not exactly what you expected.
      You could remove the spring for a louder sounds, however it has been installed in order to avoid the bell going off unwanted (when driving over a small bump or curb for example).
      Perhaps give it a try for some weeks, it will make the spring slightly softer and potentially the bell a little louder.
      Hope that helps!
      Our greetings,
      Anton and Lukas

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